Add exceptional communication skills to your technical skills. A potent combination.

  • Understand how we process information and why we “experience the world differently”
  • What impact knowing how we process information has on how you can deliver your message, understand your clients, work more effectively with your colleagues
  • Awareness of body language and how this influences rapport.  Rapport in communication has an enormous impact
  • Detailed instruction on language structure.  In every day language people use “violations” that influences greatly how they perceive what you and they are saying.  Gain a detailed understanding of these “violations” and greatly enhance your ability to get across complex ideas, facilitate between individuals, manage a conversation etc.


Who Is This Course For?


  • Of all levels that want to be better communicators
  • Who have a genuine interest in enhancing communication skills
  • That want an insight on how we process information and why the fact its different from person to person matters in your work as an Accountant