Using NLP to get over a fear of presenting goes back right to the foundations of NLP.

The history of NLP has its foundations in the study of excellence.  How did world class therapists get the results they did?  This was the question that was posed by the founders of NLP.

In the end this study of excellence became the very essence of what we call in NLP, Modelling.

Those who were originally modelled included Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson.  They had a gift with people, including a gift with words.

It is no surprise that having modelled world class therapists, including how they spoke with their clients, that NLP has in it a series of tools and techniques that include excellent and efficient ways to help with phobias, including the fear of presenting.

So if you have a fear of presenting and want to be able to present without fear, please do reach out.  How would it benefit you to lose that fear of presenting and be able to work comfortably with whatever it is you want to present?