NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings

NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings

Business Clarity Coach

Business Clarity Coach

As you are reading this, it is quite possible you are seeking some form of support to gain better insights on one or more aspect of your business.

If that is correct and you are seeking that support, please do reach out for a free consultation because as a self confessed business geek with 30 years broad experience, including as FD/CFO, and a business coach it will be my pleasure to listen to your challenges and present some ideas of how to gain clarity and a clear sense of the way forwards.

What is business clarity coaching?

Business clarity will mean different things to different people, however I think we can agree that if clarity is being sort then the coaching will focus you on expressing your current thinking, the options that you are considering and provide the space, reflection, inputs and challenges that enable insights and progress that is unlikely to be gained alone.

So business clarity coaching will include:

  • A place to reflect. working with your coach you will share the current thinking and the challenges in question around your business
  • Deep reflection. The coaching session(s) will be challenging and designed in a way to ensure you are thinking through all your options and with a clear mind to allow you to map out a way forwards
  • Insights. All coaching, and business clarity coaching will be no different, allows the individual to gain insights and increased self awareness. This is very powerful for gaining the clarity you need to see a way forward. It feels right, and you will quite possibly be surprised at what you hear yourself saying
  • Well defined path. Pending the nature of the business clarity coaching you are seeking, there will at the end of it be a clear outcome. This could be a road map to a well defined end goal, say 3 years away. Or just as easily be a clear set of choices to make in the coming week. I don’t guess here what outcomes you need, everyone is different and I will be respecting your aims/goals/dreams not dictating them.

Why would I pick you as my business clarity coach?

I’m so pleased you asked. And irrespective of what I write here – if you are seeking clarity in a business environment I really do hope you reach out for a free consultation.

  • I have 30 years business experience. Thats a large broad range of experience, from leading teams and managing change in the worlds largest organisation (by market cap) to pre-revenue start-ups.
  • I have hundreds of days of consulting experience. Often in uncertain business environments. I’ve always said (even before coaching) that my number one skill is facilitation. “Clarity through action” is the tag line I’ve used for my consulting work.
  • I completed my MBA at Cranfield School of Management and I trained at the start of my career with one of the big 4 firms of accountants. In other words, I understand how businesses work.
  • I am a double qualified trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming. I trained with two of the three founders of NLP. I stress this because NLP is sometimes called “the study of excellence”. NLP is also excellent for gaining clarity as it focuses so much on the language we use.
  • A business geek. I don’t even try and hide it! I love business discussions and it will be my pleasure to try and help you get the clarity you are looking for.

Please do reach out using the contact-us form. Remember you are often one great question away from a breakthrough.