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NLP - the Study of Excellence
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Professional Life Coach

Professional Life Coach – Ian Kaye

What does it mean to be a professional life coach, and why is it useful for you to consider the details? Keep in mind at the time of writing coaching is not a regulated industry. For example, I am a qualified accountant and I have an MBA. I trained within the boundaries of the professional examinations and they are governed chartered institutions. Likewise I was fortune to attend a good business school that is regulated.

Coaching is not regulated but it does have various qualifications that are well recognized. Plus of course you can have coaches who dedicated many hours of their time to being a coach, with no formal qualifications. But who is to say – they are not a professional coach.

I have studied various types of coaching, to differing degrees. However, I am a double qualified neuro linguistic programming trainer. There are three founders of NLP: Frank Pucelik, Richard Bandler and John Grinder. I have been fortunate to have trained with both Frank and John and their senior trainers to become a qualified NLP trainer and coach.

However, whilst I have dedicated us much time as I have to honing my craft, and feeling totally congruent with referencing myself as a professional life coach, it is worth noting the next person can have spent as little as seven days to become a “licenced practitioner” of NLP and the unsuspecting public will be none the wiser how little training that person has done.

The range of work of a Professional Life Coach

One of the joys of being a professional life coach is the range of topics that are covered with clients. I guess the clue is in the title professional “life” coach. I.e. everything is part of life. But let me be more specific and highlight some of the more common areas you may choose to hire a professional life coach to help with:

Work/Life balance

Challenges at work

Increasing confidence

Improving self esteem


Clarity on goal setting and general life coaching

Particular fears or anxieties. E.g. Fear of presenting

Consultation with a professional life coach

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