NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings

NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings


CB – Business Unit Director

Ian provided me with business coaching and found the experience to be personally and professionally rewarding. Ian’s coaching expertise and professional experience as a leader, meant that he could not only provide me with traditional coaching, but invaluable perspective and context for achieving my goals. The coaching helped me to keep my feet on the ground while aiming for higher goals. Ian helped me distinguish the reality vs perception and did a great job in holding me accountable for creating the plan that would get me closer to my goals. The program flexibility on my time/availability was also key to me. I consider Ian a great business coach and mentor and would highly recommend him!

EP – Marketing Consultant

I used to suffer from driving anxiety. It was so deep rooted that one of my earliest childhood memories was an unpleasant experience in the car with my family.  It was only after working with Ian that this came to light.

I’ve held a licence for almost 10 years now, yet have only driven on my own on a handful of occasions. After many failed attempts, driving instructors and top-up sessions trying to improve technical issues to boost confidence behind the wheel, a friend suggested I contact an NLP coach.

As a total newbie to coaching, I was a little apprehensive to say the least. I’ve heard of NLP and assumed that it was jargon aimed at new-age corporate folk. I now understand that I have been gifted a toolkit to unleash the power of my own abilities. Whilst negative thoughts do creep up, I acknowledge them as habits and simply keep on driving forward.

I’d sincerely recommend working with Ian. He’s bespoke and personable approach has facilitated my freedom to overcome obstacles, which have held me back for years! 

RH – Researcher and Lecturer

Having Ian’s coaching support me during a difficult time was an enlightening and reassuring process. His patient listening and gentle approach were very helpful in overcoming the wave of my fears and doubts I was facing. Moreover, the anchoring method he instilled in me serves me on a regular basis. Thank you, Ian!

EB – Author and Coach

I found Ian to be genuine, professional, insightful and easy to speak with. He created a safe, non-judgemental environment which was very therapeutic in empowering me to dig deeper into the underlying causes of my challenges.

He provided practical tools, techniques & strategies to enable me to take action, follow through and experience positive results for the goals that I had set. This has inspired and given me the confidence to set bigger goals as I now understand the process. 

Before I engaged my coaching session with Ian, I was feeling overwhelmed, congested in my thoughts and confused about my life direction. 

After the coaching, I developed an awareness of my thinking patterns & got a clearer understanding of how I can best interrupt my thought process in order to gain back control and think and act productively.

Prior to this, a distorted thinking pattern prevented me from identifying areas that warrented improvement, and also caused me to be overwhelmed by what I knew I needed to do.

This was a stumbling block to my growth and development and now with the right thinking, I’m empowered to adjust my actions and modify my behaviours to get positive results. These lessons are serving me well as I continue my personal development, life and business trajectory. 

In a nutshell, Ian is extremely professional and works to a remarkable standard of excellence. I highly recommend him to anyone who is ready for a serious upgrade and transformation in their life.