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NLP - the Study of Excellence
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Relationship Coach

Relationship Coach

Is there anything more important in our lives than our relationships? I believe it is well understood that personal interaction is one of the fundamental sources of a positive life. Its a key ingredient to the lifeblood of a happy fulfilled existence.

A relationship coach can help you have the positive, fulfilled interactions that you are looking for. It actually doesn’t matter what the nature of the relationship is. I.e. it can be a deep personal relationship, say, with your other half, or a professional relationship with a business partner or colleague the process of relationship coaching can help.

So if you are having a challenging time in one of your relationships, or simply not forming the relationships that you would like to have, please do reach on and then decide if you want to reach out and discuss how I can help you as your relationship coach.

How does Relationship Coaching Work?

Relationship coaching works much like other coaching. You – the coachee – will lead the way. That is to say, you will share as much as you want to about the challenge you are facing. The feelings you have about a given relationship, if that is relevant. You get a chance to tell things as you see them.

As your coach I would undoubtedly ask a series of questions to ensure my understanding of what you want to achieve is accurate, and that I understand your situation. The coaching process then continues as a conversation that will undoubtedly involve some mindset related exercises allowing you to gain increased clarity on your situation and how to move towards the relationship that you want.

Will a relationship coach find me a partner?

Working with a relationship coach is not the same as using a dating app, if thats what you mean! What the relationship coach will do (and its certainly how I work) is find out how you can achieve the outcomes you want. It may mean working on your confidence, your perspective, your insights, your goal setting. It is all possible, and indeed should all help you improve your relationships or find your ideal partner if that was the outcome you were aiming for.

What should I expect from hiring a relationship coach

Expectations are interesting, aren’t they? By hiring me as your relationship coach you should expect the highest levels of professionalism. You should expect total focus on what it is you are trying to achieve from the coaching process and hopefully some fun along the way.

Every individual is different so you may need just one reflective relationship coaching session or we may choose you are better off agreeing a coaching program of a series of relationship coaching sessions. So you are supported all the way through the process.

Can I hire you as a relationship coach?

It would be a pleasure to have a free consultation with you. Getting your relationships right is important in all of our lives, if I don’t think I can help you I will tell you. Please reach out using the contact us form.

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