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NLP - the Study of Excellence
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Confidence Coach

Confidence Coach

Such a fascinating area – confidence coaching. Here I am hoping to write what you will find useful in your quest to learn more about confidence coaching and perhaps in your assessment of which confidence coach to work with.

You may have an aspect of your life that you want to feel more certain of. It can be almost anything, and certainly includes work/business, relationships (personal and professional), sporting achievement, interacting with others, presenting etc etc. If in any of these (or other) areas of your life you are aware you would like more confidence. Please read on.

What is confidence coaching?

Two of my most recent coaching clients had a similar theme. Purely by coincidence. And undoubtedly the inspiration for me writing this information on confidence coaching. One client, a woman, was looking to return to a type of work she had done many years previous. She had doubts about her ability to adjust to a more robust work environment.

The second client was different, but similar. Also related to work, but lacked confidence when speaking with more senior colleagues.

Both clients had at least two decades of experience, and still there they were with a lack of confidence. It’s normal. If you relate to that in any way (self – doubt) I’m pleased to tell you it’s normal. And its perfectly feasible if you work with a confidence coach you will find yourself with more confidence, more resources to be far more comfortable with whatever your challenge may be.

In the case of the two clients above we worked to change their frame of reference. In the first instance so that the person was ready to interview for the kind of jobs they were interested in, and in the second case so that my client could speak with confidence to his more senior colleagues.

This is confidence coaching, raising you up, reframing your challenges, provide a place of reflection so that you have the confidence to what do you what want to do. That’s why I summarize coaching as “the coach facilities the coachee to be a better version of themselves”. And you dictate what “better” means for you.

How does a confidence coach work?

A confidence coach will work with clients much the same as other coaches. Namely, listening intently to the clients requirements, and setting a path to help the client achieve their aims/goals/dreams. In this instance the client will have issues /challenges around confidence. The interesting thing is, in some cases the client themselves may not recognize that their core challenge is a lack of confidence.

In my case, as with the two examples I listed above I work with the clients to understand where their challenges are, and what their ideal outcome is. What do you really want to achieve by working with a coach? To help this process I send a pre-coaching questionnaire (as referenced on the home page).

Pending the challenges there may quick wins in just one or two coaching sessions, or a longer coaching program may be preferred. Flexibility is the key, one size does not fit all.

Can I hire you as a confidence coach?

Yes. Please do reach out using the contact us form and we can arrange a no-obligations consultation call. It will be my pleasure to hear from you soon.

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