NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings

NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings

NLP Performance Coach

NLP Performance Coach

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) started life as what became known as “the study of excellence”. In those early days the performance that was being appreciated, was that of world class therapists. And the founders of NLP – Frank Pucelik, Richard Bandler and John Grinder asked the question why is it that some therapists are so consistently getting outstanding results for their clients.

You can start to appreciate that a process that was so focused on understanding excellence has within it an outstanding set of tools and techniques that enable a coach to lead their client to an excellent performance. If we translate performance as outcome, your desired outcome, then in a nutshell you have what an NLP Performance Coach does – facilitate their client to be a better version of themselves. You, the client, define what “better” is and the result of NLP performance coaching is the achievement of being better.

How does an NLP Performance Coach work?

The first two models of NLP are superb for coaching. Namely, the meta model and representation systems. So – as an NLP performance coach I will be working with you to understand how you are representing your experience. This is wonderfully powerful (and probably quite logical to understand), in understanding how you represent your experience – we can change it.

The meta model is immensely useful in being able to interpret how you are experiencing what it is you want to work on. In other words, how you express what you want to work on with your coach, the precise words you use, paints a detailed picture for the skilled coach.

We process information through our five senses and how we hold and recall that information is what we are talking about when we say representation systems.

Hence the meta model is fantastic to get the underlying meaning of how you express yourself, and an appreciation of the representation systems (what do you see, hear and feel) is an immensely useful base from which to coach someone.

So, NLP Performance Coaching is all about helping you be a better version of yourself and the brief introduction above gives you some insight as to how the tools and techniques can be out to great use.

High Performance Coaching with NLP New Code Games

I have written more about NLP New Code Games here: NLP New Code Games

The new code games are an excellent tool for any coach to have in their tool kit. In essence they are a fun and highly effective way to ensure you can find additional resources (within you) to achieve your goals. I have used them numerous times and the results can be staggering.

What can an NLP Performance Coach be used for?

Performance is a very personal thing. It’s not for me to tell you what you want to achieve. So each individual will have their goals or at least have a starting point from which they want clarity. NLP Performance Coaching can be used in many areas of your life including:

Sports Performance

Health and Wellness



Work and Business

Can I hire you as my NLP Performance Coach?

More than likely, yes. Please use the contact-us form to reach out and we can arrange a free consultation.