NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings

NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings

Life Coaching


A simple definition of coaching is “the coach facilitates the coachee to be a better version of themselves”. Coaching is the process of facilitated self-improvement. What ever it is you would like to work on, the coaching process can support you.

How does NLP work with Life Coaching?

It’s worth remembering Neuro Linguistic Programming began life as a “study of excellence” and in particular – why were some therapists so effective so often. Why were some therapists truly world class.

So Neuro Linguistic Programming began its life understanding human behaviour, and in particular how therapists helped their patients overcome the greatest of challenges.

The founders of NLP (Ian has trained with two of the three founders) were very curious as to why and how this success was happening. Luckily for us they built NLP to include a series of tools that help to create lasting change when applied by a skilled coach.

Cut forwards 50 years and NLP has been honed to include a very large set of tools and techniques that are very useful in a coaching environment. From understanding the language we all use, to identifying and removing limiting beliefs. Exercises to gain insights on relationships (of any kind), ways to build confidence, approaches to remove fear. If you want a confidence coach, a relationship coach, all round life improvement or many things inbetween, a life coach can help, support and guide you to a better version of yourself and achieve your aims/goals/dreams.

If you have aspects of your life you would like to work with a coach on – use the contact-us form and we will be in-touch asap.

Examples of areas of your life coaching can help with:


Confidence (you may like to read this on How to Improve your confidence)

Self Esteem (you may like to read this on How to improve self esteem)

Career Management (including working with a Career Confidence Coach)

Relationship Challenges (you may like to read about working with a Relationship Coach)

Performance at Work or in Business

Fear of Presenting

General Life Goals.

Use the contact-us form to share your details and we can have a no-obligation call to see if we can move your life forwards in the most positive of ways.

“Coaching is a safe space to allow you to reflect and grow into who you want to be. Clearing out any cobwebs you may have in your mind and establishing a new normal” Ian Kaye.

How will a coaching program work?

A coaching program will consist of a number of 1-2-1 coaching sessions that create a momentum to ensure the coachee achieves the aims they set for the coaching program.

Ian provides a safe and risk-free environment so that his clients (maybe you) can achieve their goals. From the coaching conversations we will identify what is holding you back and how to ensure your future is fulfilled.

It all starts with an initial no obligations conversation – so please use the contact-us form to reach out.

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