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NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings

Can New Code NLP be used for coaching?

Can New Code NLP be used for coaching?

To cut the suspense, yes! New Code NLP can most definitely be used as a tool for coaching, be that coaching for relationships, confidence or any other business coaching or life coaching scenarios.

What is New Code NLP?

New Code NLP is an excellent addition to the series of tools and techniques that make the the family of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Once again the co-creator of New Code NLP is John Grinder, who along with Frank Pucelik and Richard Bandler brought the world NLP to start with.

New Code NLP is represented by a series of games, so called New Code Games, which allow the coach to facilitate their clients in to a high performance state. Also known as a highly resourceful state, which in essence facilitates the unconscious mind of the client in any pre-determined context and with activated neuro pathways, enables insights and resourcefulness not previously accessible by conscious interrogation alone.

New Code NLP in Coaching

In other words, the client will be discussing a particular context, say a lack of confidence at work, and upon playing a new code game (e.g. The Alphabet Game, or The NASA Game) will (as a result of activating neuro pathways not previously accessed) find additional resources on how to resolve the particular challenge.

Having been trained in New Code NLP – New Code Games, and having utilized the games numerous times I can tell you the effectiveness of New Code Games in a coaching environment can be remarkable.

My favorite example is as follows. I was coaching someone who said they were never in romantic relationships that last. They specified that if a relationship starts, they also sabotage it.

We very rapidly established that this person had grown up in a family where relationships DID last, but were not happy. The first breakthrough was helping the person understand one of their core beliefs “if you stay in relationships, you are not happy”. As easy and obvious this may seem, when coaching this person and I helped them recognize that they held this belief and the impact it had on their life, their mouth literally fell open.

So – after this breakthrough I tasked them to think about what they would want from a relationship and what an ideal partner would be like. A few days later they asked to meet me and explained they could not complete the task. I said “oh thats perfect, you’re in new code territory now”.

Of course, they didn’t know what I meant. But I soon had them playing the NASA game and they (in a highly effective state) had the break through and knew what they wanted from a relationship, and their ideal partner.

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New Code NLP and Neuroplasticity

I was reading a book about how the brain can mend itself.  In particular how the brain can change over time, and if a part of it is not being used for its normal function, it will probably be used for another function.  As I was reading the book, which of course went in to a lot of detail as compared to this small exert, I got increasingly curious as to the implications of neuroplasticity and the New Code Games of NLP.  

So I wrote to Michael Merzenich who won the Kavli prize for his breakthrough work in Neuroscience, which focused on Neuroplasticity.  I asked him if the New Code Games would represent a Neuroplasticity event and he kindly wrote back: 

“Yes, as I understand them, the exercises that have been called ‘New Code Games’ could be expected to drive positive, plastic changes in the brain that have some enduring value.   I am unaware of any standardized controlled studies that measure and unequivocally document those values–but must say that I’d be very surprised if they did not prove to be helpful.”
How wonderfully reassuring is that – the no1 worlds expert on how the brain can change recognizes the remarkable impact the New Code Games can have.

Working with a professional life coach

Coaching, for example the work of an Empowerment Coach can have a very positive impact on your life. If you would like to explore working with me (which may include the use of coaching with NLP and New Code Games) please do use the contact-us form and reach out for an initial consultation.