NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings

NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings



What is glossophobia?

Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking, and it is very common indeed. In fact I remember reading some research when death was third on the list of peoples fears. First and second were public speaking and having to network in a room full of people you don’t know.

I remember telling a friend that, and he said “that’s right, most people would rather be in the box than deliver the eulogy for the person that died”. I laughed and then shook my head as I processed that concept.

So if you have a fear of public speaking there are two things I would like you to know immediately. Firstly, you are not alone, it is very very common. Secondly, you are in the right place if you would prefer to speak in public with confidence.

How do I know if I’ve glossophobia?

Picture this – meet me tomorrow and tell my twenty friends how you feel about presenting? Really, I can track you are reading this and I will very soon invite you. You will have the stage, you can bring any props. We will all twenty of us, sit there waiting for you to speak. How do you feel? (and know, I am not going to invite you, and no, I am not tracking that you are reading this (though Google might be 😉 )

However, how do you feel about presenting to me and my friends? Do you have a raised heart beat? Feeling of anxiety? Starting to sweat? Perhaps you feel a little sick? Hopefully you don’t have a headache.

If you were going to speak in public and just the thought of it creates one or more of these symptoms you may well have glossophobia.

If you have very mild symptoms or you are just uncomfortable about the idea of speaking in public, then you may just have a plain version of a fear of public speaking. Either way, we can agree you don’t like the feeling very much.

Can I get rid of glossophobia – fear of public speaking?


Yes you can.

We are pleased to help.

Is NLP good for getting rid of glossophobia – the fear of public speaking?

Well, what a splendid question. You may know I am a bit of neuro linguistic programming geek. I trained with two of the three founders of NLP – to trainer level. And I think it is very relevant to remember how NLP started.

Neuro Linguistic Programming started by the study of world class therapists. The founders of NLP got very curious as to why some therapists were so successful in helping their clients, so often. That’s why NLP is sometimes referenced as the study of excellence.

So after those initial studies (which lasted years) NLP was born. A series of tools and techniques (models) that were refined and can be learned and applied so wonderfully to coaching. Including coaching to resolve challenges like glossophobia.

Can I hire you to help with my fear of public speaking?

Yes, please do use the contact-us form and share your details. It will be a pleasure to connect and see if we both agree we can work with each other. Remember, you are one good question away from a break through. You are enough.