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NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings

How to be confident

How to be Confident

Having a lack of confidence can be a difficult position to be in. A lack of confidence can appear in any area of your life including:


Work and Business


Interaction with others

Public Speaking and Networking

How you can improve your confidence

Actioning the list of ways to improve your confidence in isolation can be difficult. It won’t be a surprise to you that I recommend you consider working with a confidence coach to bring these suggestions to life. In this instance, working with a confidence coach means addressing which areas of your life you have a lack of confidence AND what would it look, feel and sound like to have confidence? If you can’t answer the last bit, it’s OK a skilled coach will help you get there.

Listen to your internal dialogue and/or note the feelings: How do you represent confidence? How do you represent a lack of confidence? When you can identify the difference you can start to make changes so that you improve your confidence

Set powerful goals: Well Formed Outcomes are a really useful process to work through so that you can bring to life what a more confident you will be like when you achieve it. What will you see, hear and feel when you achieve your goals? Just pretend for a few moments and allow your self to enjoy that moment. This starts the neuro pathways off in the right direction

Move / Exercise: Changing your physiology can change your state. Keep in mind that a lack of confidence is an unresourceful state. By exercising and moving more can help to start to improve your confidence

Understand your back story: This one is often the biggest challenge of all. However, when you understand where the lack of confidence originates you can work through how to reframe that experience. We may identify this knowledge as limiting beliefs. Great changes can happen when limiting beliefs are removed

Copy someone else. Seriously, identify someone you think is confident and you admire and really try to understand what it is they do to feel confident. Copy it.

I hope you have found these ideas useful. Be brave could be added to the list, I will jut say be brave and try and work on the points raised for yourself. As I said at the start working with a life coach on confidence can work wonders. If you would like to use the contact-us page to have an initial consultation please do. It will be my pleasure to speak with on how to improve your confidence.

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