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NLP - the Study of Excellence
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Career Confidence Coach

Career Confidence Coach

Your career is a big part of your life. Along side relationships and health it is undoubtedly one of the biggest aspects of your life that determines if you are content and happy or not. Having confidence at work, confidence with your career can be a big part in determining that level of happiness. After all who wants to go to work feeling low on confidence or with low self esteem?

Working with a career confidence coach can help you establish the level of confidence you desire in your professional life.

How does a career confidence coach work?

Career confidence coaching is in many way similar to other types of coaching. This means at the most fundamental level the coaching process is a series of conversations. Between you, and in this case, me – the coach. The coach will frame the coaching sessions so that they are focused on what you want to achieve.

So in the first instance we will establish what you mean by wanting “confidence at work”. That may sound silly, because I am sure you are clear, but it could mean numerous things. Here are a few examples:

  • Choosing a career
  • Speaking with senior colleagues
  • How to present at work – e.g. in a boardroom
  • Accepting that you belong (you may relate to the idea of impostor syndrome) in your role or your next promotion.
  • Be ready for a promotion or new career move

Once we establish what it is you are referring to in wanting more confidence for your career, then we can help you in numerous ways to get there.

This could involve challenging your limiting beliefs, it could involve setting excellent goals and establishing a path to achieve them. It may involve you getting in to a high performance state. For example read how new code games can be used in coaching.

The good news is, there are numerous ways to tackle the subject of career confidence coaching and it will all be around you as an individual and not some pre-set formula.

Can this include career change coach sessions

Absolutely, if you are thinking of a career change, coaching can help you gain the clarity and confidence to take the next steps and move towards the career you want to pursue.

Can I hire you as my career confidence coach

Yes. Please do reach out using the contact us form. It will be a pleasure to arrange a free consultation.