NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings

NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings


NLP Introduction Course (8 Tuesdays: Feb 23rd to Apr 13th 19.00-21.30 GMT)

£400.00 £200.00

A detailed introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming spread over 8 weeks.  NLP can help you gain insights into any limiting beliefs you may have, build your confidence and give you the skills to be a better communicator.

Your course trainer, Ian Kaye, has trained with 2 of the 3 founders of NLP to trainer level.

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This 8 week introduction (2.5hrs online once a week) will introduce you to the main concepts of NLP and how they can be used in day-to-day life.

We are so happy you are considering joining us for this detailed introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the key concepts of NLP
  • Be able to manage your stress levels and build confidence
  • Understand in more detail your friends, family, and colleagues
  • Know techniques to give you more impactful communication skills, including coaching
  • Identify and start to deal with any self-limiting beliefs you may have
  • Be able to set powerful goals with a very effective goal setting process


During this introduction you will have the opportunity to learn:

  •       How you process and recall information – and the huge impact this has
  •       How you interact with others and how to increase personal connectivity
  •       Techniques to manage stress and increase confidence
  •       An understanding of the way we use language and crucially – how it may be holding you back.
  •       Tools for coaching
  •       Ways to reduce anxiety and eliminate phobias
  •       Powerful goal setting technique


  • Weekly sessions over Zoom or other accessible online platform
  • Date:  8 Tuesdays: Feb 23rd to Apr 13th
  • Time:  19.00-21.30 GMT
  • Ian will present a core concept and you will have time to practice and understand that tool or technique.
  • Exercises can be individual, in pairs or in small groups (all arranged online during the lesson)
  • Each week, opportunity to clarify any points from the week before


Over the period of 8 weeks you will learn a lot of concepts from NLP that will give you a very good understanding of the subject.  You will have opportunities to practice the techniques so you can improve aspects of your life for yourself and others.

The NLP Trainer is Ian Kaye.  Ian has qualified twice as an NLP trainer, with 2 of the 3 founders of NLP.