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Coaching and Training Human Beings

NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings

Self Confidence Coaching London

To be self confident is a wonderful thing. And if you are researching coaches to increase your self-confidence, well good for you. Sincerely, the fact you are looking for a resource to help you increase your self confidence is a great first step. Quite possibly the biggest step.

I can already tell you I am curious to know what area(s) of you life you want to feel more confident in. Is it just a general feeling? Do you want more confidence for relationships? Perhaps it’s work and dealing with senior people or facing potential clients?

So lets get this out of the way first – I offer a free consultation. Do request the pre-coaching questionnaire or just reach out using the contact us form.

More about coaching confidence

I have written more about Confidence Coaching here: Confidence Coaching

Confidence comes down to a few core areas for any coach to work on:

  • How are you representing your experience? Do you have self-talk? Do you have a particular feeling when you consider the area of your life you want more coaching? Are you picturing life a certain way?
  • What language do you use? I don’t mean English, Spanish or Chinese (I only speak English fluently incidentally), by language I mean a skilled coach will listen carefully to how you articulate your experience and will be able to challenge you in a constructive way to help you move forwards in the direction you want.
  • How do you want things to change? That’s right, setting up your neuro pathways to start to think about how life will be once you are confident is a very important part of the process. Do not worry if you cannot currently process how you will see, hear and feel when you are confident, thats all part of the coaching.

Do you only coach confidence in London?

No, frankly with the pandemic of 2020/21 most coaching has actually been online. If we do have coaching sessions in person you can either come to me, or I can come to you but being open and candid, that will increase the cost because of my travel time.

Can I hire you as my self-confidence coach?

Whether you want a self confident coach in London, online or elsewhere it will be my pleasure to provide you a free consultation. Please use the contact us form to reach out or request the pre-coaching questionnaire using the button on the home page.