NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings

NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings

Why would you learn NLP?

The joys of learning Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Why might you learn Neuro Linguistic Programming?

I’ve heard some people say isn’t NLP a bit old fashioned now?  And I think to myself, well its certainly not new any more.  It’s not the latest thing.  It’s much more than that.  It has had decades of development and refinement.  NLP was started in the 1970’s so there are thousands upon thousands of case studies of people having an intervention for one or more aspects of their lives with the coach using NLP tools.

I first became aware of NLP in 2001, and subsequently back then went on an introductory weekend. I was amazed how having spent a few hours learning a very small part of NLP I could (we all could) apply the technique to help others have a break-through or find a solution to whatever issue they wanted help with.

So how would I say NLP helps people.  Probably every aspect of your life could be positively influenced by NLP

How can NLP help my life?

Process and Understanding: One of greatest benefits of learning Neuro Linguistic Programming is the amount of detail it goes into on how we process information.  How we process our experience.  This is so powerful to understand – it influences how you interact with others and gives you so much armoury to better understand yourself and how you show-up in the world.

Ability to change. Isn’t it wonderful to know there are a series of tools and techniques that can help you help yourself or arm you to help others make changes in their lives.  NLP is outstanding for facilitating the changes we all want to make in our lives.

Setting a future: As well as making changes, NLP is great for setting a course for the future. Goals, aims and objectives can be set in a Well Formed Outcome and all the processes that go with it to bring it to life.

You are probably getting the gist that NLP has many many applications; before I sign-off I will share a few specific examples:

Health and Wellness:  NLP has many health applications.  One simple example is how to manage pain by manipulating the sub modalities associated with pain.

Coaching.  NLP is very effective (and probably best known for) its impact in a coaching environment.  By observing the coachee fully (from breathing patterns to word structure and much more) the coach is well placed to help the coachee achieve their aims.

Personal Development.  Whatever you want to work on, from improving at a particular sport, to giving up a horrid habit like smoking or improving your leadership skills – NLP has the tool kit to help you.

Can I train in NLP?

You can indeed train in NLP. There are many NLP courses to choose from, if we are not offering what you are after – do reach out and we will give you a candid assessment of the options.