NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings

NLP - the Study of Excellence
Coaching and Training Human Beings

Chain of Excellence

Change your breathing and change your performance.  This is the straight forward notion to have in mind when considering the Chain of Excellence.  The chain in the chain of excellence is as follows:

Breathing  —->      Physiology —->   State—->     Performance

How you breath impacts on your physiology, literally how you hold yourself, your structure, this impacts the state you have (lets say, the mood you are in) which in turn impacts on the performance you produce.

Using Chain of Excellence in a coaching environment

Working through this with a client, gives them a simple process to take control in any situation.  You might like to consider practicing this in conjunction with other exercises such as mindfulness or meditation.  We all have the ability to breath!  Choosing to breath deeply at a time of pressure, a really deep breath from the stomach upwards into the lungs broadens your shoulders, if you lift your head at the same time, that’s a fully embodied physiology that can lift your confidence, focus, calmness etc.

Changing your state in this way is the basis for performing in a way you want to.  At anything.

You may be aware that John Grinders New Code NLP is based on the idea that insight and resourcefulness can be harnessed in a “high performance state”.  In the case of new code – the states are induced by working with your client in a new code game.  The simplicity of the Chain of Excellence to change state and impact on performance is unlikely to be as effective as a applyng a new code game, but nonetheless is basic principle worthy of mention.

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Using the Chain of Excellence as a stand alone tool can be useful in various scenarios in a coaching environment.  For example, just to teach it as a tool in of itself, so your client is aware of this easy way to get a state change.  However, perhaps it is a tool to keep in the toolkit for when (if) you have a client in an unresourceful state and you want to make that change.  If they are sitting down, have them stand-up out of their chair and work through a simple breathing exercise.

It can be a great lead into Circle of Excellence or Anchoring, for example.  Or perhaps simply used as the basis to explain Frank Puceliks Emotional Freedom technique.

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